4 Déjà Vu Predictions for How We’ll Make Websites in 2021

December 27, 2020

At the end of 2018 I made a prediction.

I divined that dev tools for making serverless websites would graduate from pitching, “We work with your favorite static host”, to announcing, “We can replace your static site host!”.

That prediction came true. In 2020 there was an explosion in options for static site hosting.

In the past we had to choose between a smooth Netlify experience or some hand spun setup that included putting assets in an s3 bucket with Cloudfront on top. But now we can put our sites on the web with dedicated build and deploy services from AWS, Microsoft, Cloudflare, and more!

To be fair, I got the exact logos wrong, and I was a year too early. But why I made that prediction is more interesting than the accuracy of my timing:

My thesis is that the CMS wars of the early 2000’s are playing out again. So everything that happened back then with WordPress, MovableType, and other content management systems is happening now, but with different names.

Screenshot of Six Apart news
Old names, but same moves

That’s how I knew so many companies would focus on hosting. WordPress got a foothold because PHP hosting was cheaper and easier to use than other options. Then, the first big winners in WordPress-land were the companies that specialized as WordPress hosting companies.

So below I offer you a few new predictions for 2021!

You may get a sense of deja vu while reading this list. That’s because every prediction is based on trends that played out 20 years ago!

Prediction #1: SEO Will Drive Adoption of Serverless Websites

I explain how Google’s adoption of Core Web Vitals as a search ranking signal will drive Marketers to find alternatives to slow monolithic-CMS’s.

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Prediction #2: Full Stack Serverless Will Be Every Service’s Goal

Full Stack Serverless won’t just be an AWS buzzword in 2021. These two other companies are already building all-in-one, front-end to backend services, with swappable pieces.

Full prediction coming soon

Prediction #3: Netlify will Release a Component Library

And it’s going to be popular, fast.

Full prediction coming soon

Prediction #4: Headless Forms are the Next Big Thing

Formium, the new form builder that pairs well with Gatsby and NextJS will be leading the way. But they’ll find lots of competition.

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Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash