Issue 3: Nacelle, Autocode, Cosmic and Webflow

January 20, 2021

Nacelle raises $18 million just 6 months after raising 4.8 million

You know a company is growing like a weed when it raises money from investors twice in the same 12 months. Nacelle is becoming the darling headless commerce, or what some people call JAMstack for ecommerce.

Nacelle describes the service this way:

Headless Builds Made Simple

Nacelle indexes and optimizes data from your backend systems including your eCommerce platform, CMS, OMS, and PIM, then loads objects into your frontend codebase. No backend queries required.

Beyond Nacelle, the whole headless commerce space is heating up as the world begins to buy more stuff online, and demand superior performance from websites, even while browsing on their mobile phones.

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Autocode goes “deployless”

Publishing updates to Autocode just got a lot faster. But that’s a catch up feature. The recent update that really catches my eye is

No more “serverless function” boilerplate required. Write any JavaScript at all and it will run as an endpoint.

Services that run code with little to no boilerplate is the direction of building websites. It’s the single reason why I create Config – I wanted to track that specific evolution of web dev tooling.

What is Autocode? Founder Keith Horwood explains:

It is best used when AWS is overkill but you need a little more flexibility and access to code than tools like Zapier provide.

Speaking of Zapier, Kate Clark of The Information has the scoop – venture capital firm Sequoia invested in the company and it’s now valued at $4 billion.

I question how differentiated and uniquely useful Autocode is, since Zapier enables developers to run Javascript and Python too.

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Cosmic introduces content collaboration with “Merge Requests”

Headless CMS, Cosmic released a new feature that takes a crack at the collaboration problem for Content Editors. Cosmic’s approach is called “Merge Requests: which borrows language from version control software like git:

Merge Requests is a new feature that enables Git-like workflows between your Cosmic Bucket environments. With Merge Requests, you are now able to merge content between Bucket environments with bulk edits, preview, and approval workflows. 

I love that headless CMS’s are growing past the basic content modeling features and tackling collaboration. Sanity recently released their own effort called “Review Changes”.

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Webflow raises $140 million and targets startups

Webflow raised a massive B round of funding, and now wants to use the startup support community as affiliates for their platform:

Webflow’s Startup Partners are Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, and Closed Communities who support startups during the early stages of their growth. As a Startup Partner, you’ll unleash a discount for your qualifying portfolio companies, grant them access to new courses, useful webinars, and exclusive template sales. And, it won’t cost you a penny!

“Unleach a discount”? Lolz!

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